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NORCAL Sound and Communication JATC Instructors Bring Decades of Skill to the Classroom

Each of the instructors, who teach in the NORCAL Sound and Communication JATC program, brings a varied background of relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities to share with their students.


Brian Gaines photo

Instructor/Trainer: Brian Gaines

Subjects Taught (Apprentice):  Security; Fire Alarm; CCTV; VDV & Fire/Life Safety Prep; Audio Visual; CATV

Subjects Taught (Installer/Technician):  Security, Fire Alarm, CCTV, VDV & Fire/Life Safety Prep

BIO: Brian began working in the Sound and Communication Industry in 1997, graduating from the S&C apprenticeship in 2000.  He has built a strong background in Professional Audio and Theatrical Sound systems since childhood.  He gained installation field experience in Fire/Life Safety, Intrusion, CCTV, Voice/Data, Access Control, Master Clock, and Paging systems, working for one of our signatory contractors for 16 years.  He is excited to share his expertise in programming, testing, commissioning, and end-user training techniques in the classroom.

Quote: “Let's excel at finishing the job in a way that exceeds the customer's expectations”


Instructor/Trainer: Basil RomeroBasil Romero photo

Subjects Taught (Apprentice):  Structured Cabling; Fiber Optics; Security; CCTV; Telephony/Paging; Networking/CATV

Subjects Taught (Installer/Technician):  Security, Fiber Optics, CCTV

BIO: Basil has a long history in the Sound & Communication industry, beginning with his college education where he earned a diploma in Fiber Optic Course work and a certificate as a Telecommunications Technician.  In the year 2000 he started working for a NECA/IBEW contractor with Local 332 as a Senior Technician, taking on difficult projects that required exceptional leadership and responsibility.  Basil specialized in training and mentoring apprentices as well as fellow Technicians, having a natural ability to motivate and promote teamwork.  He joins our NorCal S&C team with the desire to apply his skills to all of our current and future members.

Quote: “My goal for S&C is simple...Recruit, Train, Retain”


Thomas Frenzel photoInstructor/Trainer: Thomas Frenzel

Subjects Taught (Apprentice):  Codes & Practices; DC Theory; AC Theory; Fire Alarm; Fire/Life Safety Prep; Master Clock; Nurse Call; Computer Literacy; Audio Visual

Subjects Taught (Installer/Technician):  Fire Alarm; AC/DC Theory; Nurse Call; VDV Exam Prep

BIO: Thomas started in the electrical field while still in High School working for a residential/commercial electrical shop. Thomas joined the IBEW Local 595 in 2002. He completed the apprenticeship program in 2005 and has worked for a NECA/IBEW contractor as a Senior Technician installing and servicing a wide variety of communication projects. Thomas comes to NorCal with experience and a lot of drive to share his knowledge to our members.

Quote: “You make your own luck. The harder you work, the luckier you get”


Mike Sheriff photoSpecial Projects Coordinator:  Michael Sheriff

Duties:  Curriculum Development; Class Scheduling; Upgrade Class Instructor; Back up Instructor

Subjects Taught (Installer/Technician): VDV Exam Prep; Fire Life Safety Exam Prep; CPR/First Aid; Fire Alarm Systems; DC Theory

BIO:  Mike started his career in the Sound and Communication industry in June 1989. A recent graduate of Chabot College, he worked for a NECA contractor for over 18 years.  Throughout his career, Mike has installed a variety of systems. He joined NORCAL in February 2008 as the Regional Curriculum Supervisor.

Quote: “Everyone here is dedicated to providing the best education for apprentices and installer technicians. Every student comes first. I am proud to be a part of this organization”


Chris Cowan photoSpecial Projects Coordinator Asst.:  Chris Cowan

Duties: Online Curriculum Development; Upgrade Class Instructor; Back up Instructor

Subjects Taught (Installer/Technician): BICSI; VDV Exam Prep; CPR/First Aid; OSHA 10/30; Fire Alarm Systems; Security Systems

BIO: Chris brings a wide variety of field experience as well as a former career as an electrician in the military. From 1995 to 1999, Chris served in the Navy as an Electricians Mate, Cargo Elevator Technician, Damage Control/Electrical Isolation Electrician and Electrical Tool Safety Officer. In 2004, Chris joined the IBEW Local 595, where he was able to work on many communication systems. He graduated from the apprenticeship program in 2006. With his ability to adapt, sense of humor, and his dedication to the students, Chris has become a great addition to the staff.

Quote: “Perfection is something that you should always strive to achieve.  It’s a goal that will last throughout your career and never be accomplished”