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Upgrade Classes

1How do I find out when there are upgrade classes?
As upgrade classes are scheduled, they are populated on our upgrade class calendar. Also, look for a notification letter that is mailed to all members. This includes the password required to register. Click on the event and click the register button. This takes you to the registration page.
2What is the password to sign up for classes?
Refer to the upgrade class notification letter. If you still need the password you can contact the JATC at (510) 560-2032 or by using our Contact Us form. Be sure to include your IBEW Local.
3How do I sign up for the VDV or Fire/Life Safety Exam prep class?
Both the VDV and Fire/Life Safety classes are now online. Complete the Exam Prep Course form to sign up. We will confirm that you are in good standing with your local prior to granting you access in the course.
4Where can I purchase the Electrical or Fire Alarm code books?
Codes books can be purchased through the JATC by contacting our office. Call (510) 560-2032 or use the Contact Us form to request the current Book Order form. You can also purchase from any vendor online.
5How do I register for the OSHA 10 or 30 classes?
OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 classes are provided online. To register for the course, click on the registration button found on the Installer/Tech Upgrade Calendar and use the password to complete the registration process. If you do not know the password, contact the NorCal S&C JATC by calling (510) 560-2032 or by using the Contact Us form.
6What does "Good Standing" mean?
A IBEW member who is in "Good Standing" is current with their membership dues.

CA State VDV and Fire/Life Safety Certifications

1Where do I sign up for the state VDV & Fire/Life safety tests?
Go to our links page to find the link to the Department of Industrial relations website. Here you will find all the information regarding the Electrical exams (NorCal S&C JATC is not affiliated with the State Certifications).
2How many hours do I need for recertifying my State Certification?
32 hours of continuing education by an approved training facility is required every three years. For further information refer to the DIR website ( https://www.dir.ca.gov). You can find the links on our Links Page.
3How do I get proof of my continuing education hours?
For certificates of classes you successfully completed through the S&C JATC, you can contact our office at (510) 560-2032 or by using the Contact Us form. If you successfully passed the OSHA 10 or 30 classes through the S&C JATC, we will provide a separate certificate with the hours indicated.
4I am not a NorCal Sound and Communication member but would like to take the VDV or Fire/Life Safety exam prep class. How do I sign up?
The Exam prep class is for NorCal S&C members only. However, we have agreements with some California Locals to allow their members to participate. Contact your Training Director with your Local JATC to get the information required to register. The S&C JATC confirms with your Local if you are in "Good Standing" (dues are up to date).